Karin M. Huber – Psychic & Spiritual Medium

My name is Karin M. Huber and I am a medium. From early childhood on, I have been aware of the Spirit World. To communicate with this unseen world on a soul level has always been a natural part of my life.

Born and raised in Germany, my psychic abilities were inherited from my mother, originating from the eastern European state of Latvia. This maternal branch of my family looks back on a long line of intuitive healers and clairvoyant women.

I have learnt from, and trained with, some of the best mediums in the world such as James van Praagh or Gordon Smith. This includes also the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England. I have been mentored by the highly respected UK Medium, Mavis Pittilla, who is considered one of the best mediums worldwide.

Being trained mostly in the UK, I follow the teachings of English Spiritualism. It says that only our physical body dies and that the soul lives on and is able to communicate. As a medium, I interact as a channel between these two worlds.

With more than 10 years of experience as a medium, I am running my own spiritual center for afterlife contacts and bereavement (frankfurter-3klang.de) in my hometown Frankfurt where I offer private sittings, public demonstrations and where I am teaching different levels of mediumship.

Teaching mediumship has become my great passion. Since I have been trained by excellent teachers, it is my wish to pass it on and to contribute to a high quality standard in Germany.
I teach according to the requirements of English Spiritualism, as taught at the Arthur Findlay College, and I would like to give all those an opportunity, who wish to pursue their mediumistic development in Germany and in german language.

My work as a medium is not only limited to Germany. I am happy to work on an international level. I teach mediumship in Holland, Switzerland and I work regularly as a guest medium in different spiritualist churches in the UK.

I am really passionate about what I do. I see mediumship as my vocation to help provide better standards of mediumship wherever I work in the world.

„With my work as a medium I want to show that the soul lives on even after the physical death.  I feel very grateful and blessed for this wonderful opportunity to be able of being a link between our world and the world of Spirit, and experiencing that special feeling that our loved ones are still with us and that love like life can never die.”

Accreditation & Positions held

I have successfully completed the Platform Accreditation Scheme (PAS) in Demonstrating and Speaking, after being assessed by the British Spiritualist National Union (SNU).

Since 2019 I am the National Representative for Germany for the SNUI (Spiritualist National Union International).



I am a full member of the SNU „Spiritualists‘ National Union“ (SNU), and also a member of the international branch (SNUi)

2018 successful completion of the Platform Accreditation Scheme (PAS) in Demonstrating and Speaking from the SNU.

2019 successful completion of the SNUi course SD4 (Public presentation) with grade A for public speaking and demonstration.

2014 successful completion of the SNUi course SD1 (Speaking and Demonstrating) with grade A for public speaking and demonstration.

Arthur Findlay College
Arthur Findlay College Stansted



My training
During the last decade, I have regularly trained my mediumship. As a medium you will always keep on learning and unfolding. That’s why I regularly attend advanced training courses at the Arthur Findlay College, near London. It is considered the world’s leading school for mediumship and paranormal sciences (www.arthurfindlaycollege.org).



My teachers
Since 2013 I am feeingl blessed to have Mavis Pittilla as a personal mentor by my side. She looks back at more than 40 years as a medium and is considered one of the best mediums in England. My special thanks go to her for regular support as well as for her inspirational encouragement to continue my spiritual journey and to further develop it.

With my mentor Mavis Pittilla

Mavis Pittilla and me are talking about different aspects of mediumship in the UK and in Germany.



Furthermore, I am pleased to have been trained by several of the world’s leading mediums in recent years, such as James van Praagh, Tony Stockwell, Gordon Smith, Simone Key, Simon James, Glyn Edwards, Brenda Lawrence und Eileen Davies,

James van Praagh
Tony Stockwell



Spiritualist churches in the UK
Since 2015, it is a great pleasure for me to be invited regularly as a guest medium to different spiritualist churches in the UK. For me as a German, it is always a great honor to serve Spirit in the traditional motherland of Spiritualism.

An Evening of Mediumship/ Congleton Spiritualist Church 2016

Demonstration of Mediumship at Bury Spiritualist Church (UK) 2017



Testimonials from my clients

Thank you so much for our skype session yesterday!!
It was so moving for me and the messages really hit home! Exactly what I needed to hear!!
Great work!!!!!
Hope to hear from you in the future! ~ Christie, New York City

Dear Karin, There is no doubt in my mind that you were very successfully able to establish contact with the very people that I had intended. Superb!! Every detail given by you at that time was so precise and exact that all doubts in my mind vanished and I know for sure that ‚they‘ were my loved ones from the other ’side‘ I am thankful to you for such a marvellous job done. ~ S. K., Frankfurt

Dear Karin, You are truly a very gifted medium and such a warm and friendly person . I know for me it has given me such hope and peace that there are no words that can express how uplifted I feel . THANK YOU!! ~ Lorna, South Africa