Certificated Mavis-Pittilla Teacher


Carrying on the legacy of Mavis Pittilla
Fate or coincidence? In 2010, an acquaintance with whom I sat in a development circle, convinced me to join her to a 3-day workshop with Mavis Pittilla in Manchester. Little did I know, that this course would change my life, both personally and professionally. Mavis became my mentor for many years and a special friendship developed between the two of us and her partner Jean, which continues to this day.

Through Mavis and Jean, I was able to learn everything that defines me as a medium today. The support continues as I carry on Mavis’s legacy. An important approach for me is the training and development of the „Whole Medium„. For Mavis, a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes a „Whole Medium“ has always been the foundation of the development, as well as the the right attitude and the building of a partnership between the spirit world and the world of matter.

I am very proud to be able to share Mavis’s teachings that have helped me grow myself. Her respect for the spirit world and her more than 50 years of dedication to her vocation as a medium is second to none.

After years of intensive training and a tough selection process, I was awarded the title of „Mavis Pittilla Authorized and Fully Certificated Teacher“.

I am very honored by this title and it encourages me to continue Mavis‘ legacy in the future, full of dedication and enthusiasm. Mavis Teachers – Mavis Pittilla

Mavis has had a significant impact on my life and she still does from the Spirit World.

Thank you Mavis and Love like life, can never die